Who is Delia?

Photo: Laura Fox Photography

Photo: Laura Fox Photography

Welcome, who am I really and why am I here? This is a great question and I could start by telling you how awesomely gifted I am and that I am the only person who can help you get the answers that you need. But that would be the wrong answer. While I do posses certain abilities and gifts, my sole purpose here is to teach you that you are more powerful than you realize. 

I identify as a natural born Intuitive. And all that really means is I have been working with all my senses, listening to them and trusting them, my entire life. I can read when something is not right and hear thoughts, feelings or emotions. Being intuitive is not a unique gift. All humans are born with intuition. We just forget it's there. 

I identify as an empath which means I am capable of feeling the emotions and or pain of others despite the fact that I myself do not have any of the same emotions or pain symptoms going on. This helps me to read people and reflect back to them what they are truly feeling. It also helps you feel more comfortable with me - knowing I can feel exactly what you are going through. I've only started to see this gift as a blessing, but typically it makes me feel intrusive or awkward because I can sense what is going on before you even speak. 

I am also a medium and by true definition, a medium communicates, sees, senses and or feels those who have crossed over. This ability has been with me my entire life, but only in the past few years have I been honouring this gift and learning to work with it. Majority of the time when people book a one hour in-person reading, it includes tapping into the energy more strongly and often times your loved ones on the other side come forward.

Am I psychic? Well, most people don't truly understand what the term Psychic really means. A psychic can see, touch and feel beyond the senses. It is extra-sensory abilities and not just connection with loved ones who have passed, but you can connect with Spiritual beings like Angels, Fairies, negative entities, etc. Do I have these qualities? Yes, I believe so. At times I have had experiences I cannot explain or have had precognitive visions and dreams that came true shorty after. For me my psychic abilities happen randomly or in ways that don't feel controlled. But to be honest, none of it really can be controlled. I simple connect with the purest of intentions, that I want to support and bring forth the message that is most needed for you at this time.  

You found me for a reason, there are no coincidences. So am I the only one who can help you? Probably not, but am I the right person for this moment in time? I'd like to think so, yes. The Universe doesn't work accidentally, its deliberate, calculated and ensures that the right people, places, and spaces come together all in Divine timing. Welcome to Spirit Bear Rising, I'm glad you've come. How can I help?   

My personal journey...

There came a point in my life when everything started to unravel and I began creating serious blocks. Energy was not flowing and too many negative things were manifesting. On the verge of a complete mental and psychological breakdown, I went within - deep within. It was time to wake up! Time to listen.

And so it was in this moment of despair, when my whole world started to crash and cave in on me, I created a shift. I knew I could not continue my life as it was. I would lose the battle. I was too scared to imagine what would happen if I allowed it to continue for one more day. 

I always felt "different". I always knew they were watching and speaking to me. I just never allowed it to be realized or acknowledged. It was too strange or weird to discuss openly and so I kept it hidden. Until I couldn't keep it contained and as I let it out one step at a time, the knowing, the 'clairs' all kept getting stronger and stronger.

The experiences I have had since I started to acknowledge this path have been extremely validating that THIS is where my purpose lies and exactly where I am meant to be.  Each time I channel or read for a client, each time I do a Reiki treatment, or just post fun activities on my Facebook page - I know this is my most authentic self coming through. And those who choose to work with me, see and feel it too. 

Photo: Laura Fox Photography

Photo: Laura Fox Photography


What Stephanie thought of her readings with delia ... 

" I don't need to tell you that the moment you meet Delia you immediately know that she is connected to you, that she can see the business going on around you, and in you ... you will feel it when she looks into your eyes or through the soft energy of her hands when they pass over you during Reiki.
I don't need to tell you that you will come away feeling lighter, or at least enlightened and justified and empowered by what she tells you. You will experience it for yourself.

All I need to tell you is - take the leap of faith and reach out to her. She will reach back and what will come out of it may or may not change your life, but at the very least, you will understand that there is a path through the Universe for you - and you will have a clear picture of who is on the journey with you and how to understand where that path is going.

Do yourself that one small justice and find the Peace of understanding for yourself. I did and I am forever grateful for Delia as a guide and as a friend. "

Stephanie S.