Dec 18 New Moon in Sagittarius Ritual

When preparing your ritual for any New Moon the phrase to consider is this, "What life do I want to create?" The key is to plant your seeds, think about what it is that you want, and use strong visualizations or even draw. 


The New Moon on Dec 18th marks our last new moon of 2017 and is most important as these seeds will be the actions we manifest at the start of 2018. Our moon is in Sagittarius which is asking us to meditate on the meaning of all we've experienced, what did we uncover below the surface and can we go deeper in 2018? Now is a great time to get away, perhaps study something new you've been curious about, search for more meaning, laugh and live more lightly, and of course express gratitude. These can all guide and shine light on the things that are most important for you now and that which you want more of in 2018. 

The recommended ritual for our new moon is as follows:

  1. Start by cleansing and clearing yourself, those who are in your circle and your space. You can smudge with sage, use a sage spray, or even bring in sound to clear the energy from anything negative or lower vibrational. 
  2. Light 3 candles - One for Past, one for Present and one for Future. 
  3. Now take a few deep breaths and as you inhale, inhale gratitude and exhale any concerns you might be having. Feel each breath entering as white light that represents Peace and Gratitude and exhale any fear, negativity or worry. Do this three times. 
  4. Begin by writing, visualizing or drawing your top 10 Wishes. Decide if these are things you can commit to in the weeks to follow and truly see yourself attaining them. 
  5. When you are done, go through your wishes one-by-one, continuing to breath in your wishes and see how they feel. You can make any adjustments at this time. 
  6. Now create an intention or commitment that will send strength and power to your wishes. Really back them up! 
  7. RELEASE! In order to send power to your wishes, we must release them. You can do this in various ways - Burn your list, rip it up, or place it in a bowl of water. However, you may keep your list to reference it as we get closer to the Full Moon, but invoke the notion that you have released it and are ready to welcome in that which is for the good of all and what is best for you. 
  8. Before closing your ceremony turn to your candles and either write down or visualize what you have learned in the Past which you are grateful for, what beauty are you beholding in the present? And in turning to your future candle repeat the chant "This or something better now manifests for me, under grace in perfect ways."
  9. Blow out your candles sending grace and gratitude out into the ethers, sending love and forgiveness to all those around you. Breath in gratitude and exhale any negativity. 
  10. Finish off your ritual by repeating this chant 3 times - OM NAMO NARAYANI, "I surrender to the Divine Mother"

You can leave any objects, notes or drawings under the New Moon energy following your ritual for about 24 hours. Go forward and commit to working on achieving your wishes and in a day or two, perform a meditation to invoke your wishes asking for further advice on how to bring them to life or if they still feel relevant. 

Perform this ritual the day before the new moon, on the day of the new moon or one day after. These times will ensure you are harnessing the maximum power of the moon, but know that anytime you perform ritual you are committing to your self growth and that is just as important. 

Many Moon Blessings