Welcome my beloved

Have you ever walked into an empty room and felt a presence? Have you ever asked a question and received an answer you wouldn’t respond with yourself? Have you heard a voice or something you couldn’t explain? If you have then you know exactly what I’m talking about. Those whispers and feelings that cannot be described easily without sounding odd, but are too real to ignore.

As far back as I can recall, I’ve always had a special gift of intuition, reading energies, feeling energies, and very much an empath. All of which really heightened by abilities to pick up on things that were not of this world. I naturally sought out people to help me navigate my instinctive abilities and validate everything I already knew. I completely lacked the confidence to come out and say I too had a gift to hear and feel those around us. I didn’t need other people to validate who I was, I needed myself to do that.

Tarot Angel Card

Early 2016, I had a pivotal awakening, which forced me to look inward. Who do I really want to be and what purpose do I serve? I always knew I had a unique connection to spirit and the ability to listen for their messages. So naturally during this time, I gravitated to all things to help me decipher the messages and the tarot was one such tool. During my late teens and early 20’s, I picked up a book on reading tarot and my first deck. From then on my fascination and passion for the cards grew into a decade of wonderment. Always seeking them out and navigating their messages. Never truly reading for others, until now.

While the cards may seem like a small offering, their messages can sometimes be profound. Through readings I have been able to empower people to take action, offer guidance and insight into ones life and personal journey. They offer possibilities and validation the querent may already know OR just need that extra push to believe they are on the right path. The energy noticeably shifts and together we awaken through the cards and in those moments the querent finds their purpose, I find my purpose, and in those moments of intuitive spirit connections we find meaning in the journey.

I love that I can offer this gift. Please join me on my journey and the people I meet along the way. I am always here for you, beloved and welcome you to reach out at any time if you wish to discuss tarot or request a reading.

I assure you, you will not be disappointed.