Feeling SO Blessed

I wanted to write an open letter to everyone who joined me, supported me, and just came out to the Hamilton Wholistic Wellness Expo on April 1st. It was an incredible day. I initially set such high expectations for myself, but as we got closer I allowed myself to release those and just have fun. And that is exactly what I did! I didn't know what to expect, but I said to myself "Delia, just have fun, enjoy the energy, learn new things, and then see what happens". Well what happened was non-stop readings for some exceptional souls. 

During our last months Full Moon, I asked for soulful connections and partnerships and I couldn't have felt that more than yesterday. The people I connected with felt like my soul sisters and soul brothers. People I was truly meant to meet, connect with and learn from. The stories I hear are all so tremendous. Heartache, love, journey, dreams and aspiring paths. It fills my heart so much to connect and hopefully support their journey. It's NEVER about me. The only ego I put on myself is wanting to be the best, better, the greatest.... for YOU. 

Me, at my booth! 

Me, at my booth! 

I also have a list of exceptionally talented practitioners I now have to connect with because they are SOOOOO COOL! How many people did you visit and go, wow, how cool are they?! ha ha ha I am more start struck by meeting a clairvoyant then Johnny Depp :P I found a new Salt Cave location, which as you know we do events in the cave which are so amazing, there is this incredible Messenger of Mother woman who I just want 5 mins in her presence and I'll be good ha ha ha but overall some really gifted and amazing people. All who want nothing more then to help you on your path, spread their light and love and be beacons in a world that needs more light right now! 

To see a list of practitioners who can support you on your spiritual journey you can visit the Wellness Expo website here - http://www.wholisticwellnesscommunities.com/hamilton/practitioners.htm All practitioners who were present yesterday will be listed on this page for a year. 

Much love, and Happy April!!