How I began reading Tarot

My love affair began many years ago. I can’t recall when I received my first reading, but since my early teens I’ve been getting my cards read. When I reached college a close girlfriend had a stepmom who was trained in Tarot and read our cards every summer while at the cottage. I can’t tell you how much I looked forward to those summer trips. I couldn’t get enough of the cards, their insight, their allure, mystery, and how much they were telling me. Obviously with anything, you cannot walk away setting the messages in stone. You are the sailor of your own ship, at all times, the cards simply give you empowerment to take action in the areas of your life that need attention.

Tarot Card Spread

Since I knew I was a little “different” and had a unique intuition, I always wondered could I read the cards too? Did I have a gift or ability to understand how they worked and how to retrieve the information from a tarot spread. So while on vacation one summer, I found myself on a spiritual hunt. I found the only book store around me and went inside to see if they might have a book on tarot reading. Lucky for me they did and it came with a deck of tarot cards. It wasn’t the nicest deck I had seen, but it would be a start.

I was eager to invoke the spirit of the cards and unlock all my life’s mysteries. Thinking that now I was equipped with my intuition and a deck of cards. I opened the “A complete guide to the Tarot” by Eden Gray, skimming the pages on how to set up the spread, what the cards meant, and so on. I was ready to just dive right in. I didn’t need to study anything I could just figure it out as I went. Wrong. It was horrible. My first initial tarot readings for myself really lacked the guidance I had been getting from the cards with other readers. The spread didn’t make sense, the cards didn’t seem connected, it was choppy and sloppy. I tried a few times with friends, but they didn’t appear too impressed or connected either. What was wrong, I thought? Maybe I’m just not good at this. Maybe I just don’t have the gift to do this. Feeling defeated, I put the book and cards on my bookshelf and never gave them another glance. I kept the power of the cards in the hands of the professionals. I clearly was not gifted in this area.

Wild Unknown Spirit Animals
2 Card Spread

Or so I thought… 

One day as I was “waking up“, I heard a voice in my head calling me back. Where were my cards? I frantically searched my book shelf… nope. My closet… nope. Storage!! I grabbed a couple boxes from my storage room and sure enough there they were. Phew, I thought. It had been 15 years since I bought this deck and I felt ready to see if they would speak to me now. Things in my mind were more clear. I was already pulling cards from Oracle decks and seeing astounding connections between the messages and where I was at. It would be different this time. I would dip into them not dive. Be gentle with myself, not rip the bandaid. I decided I would do my first reading up north in a cabin we had booked for a long weekend and I would do a three card spread – past, present, and future. Keep it simple, stupid was the motto.

I was astounded by the spread, message and how in sync the cards were with my life at that very moment. Could there be something going on? I thought. Was I being called to the cards? Maybe it was just a coincidence… I couldn’t be sure, but something felt different. I even did my common law partners spread and I found myself blinking at the cards thinking “shit yo, this is whaaaacckkk!”. As I read through the meanings I kept hearing things. Voices, words and phrases strung together that I normally would not just make up. Where was it coming from? It was clear and oddly confident a new kind of feeling. I took note and decided to let it marinade for awhile. Maybe it was just the setting, the spirit connection of nature and quietness. I’d have to try more readings at home and with friends to see if I got similar results.

Over time I focused on my spiritual awareness, growth, and energy work as a Reiki practitioner. However, little by little, I began incorporating the cards more and more into my life and sure enough the spirit connection between the cards, myself and those I was reading just got more intense and clear. In some cases, even passed loved ones started to play along sending messages from beyond. Now that was a real treat to marvel in and witness. Yes, even for me, because you see, I never expected anything to happen. It. Just. Did. I don’t manipulate the cards. I just interpret them and read what messages come through. So each reading for you is just as new for me and exhilarating. So I was convinced that it was now my time and I was ready to start embracing the cards as a Tool I could put in my spiritual kit for as long as it feels right.

Rider Waite

The best thing about embracing the cards and doing this work, it finally answered my question. What is it I am supposed to be doing? I have always been a healer of sorts, wanting to absorb everyones troubles and worries so they wouldn’t feel the pain. Give them hope for a better tomorrow and show them that there is light in this world of ours. The cards have become that tool I can use to break down any barrier between me and someone who is looking for answers. It’s a visual aid to show a person they have the power to change their path, that there is hope and their spirits are guiding them in the right direction. I have left more group readings RADIATING from the beautiful, golden energy that pours out through each person, than I have in any other line of work. The moment you feel the energy shift is a beautiful thing and I am SO honoured to be part of that slight shift of a moment with each person I sit down with.

I would never change my path and how I got here with the cards. I value this gift and hope I can use it to help more people. It is of no service to me if I can’t share it with you and use it to spread love and light. I will continue to share more of my experiences with the cards so be sure to check back often.

Much love, xo


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