5 Steps to Deciphering Your Dreams

Ever wonder what tha whaaaaaat is going on in your crazy dreams? I have, many times. Especially lately, I've been having some wild dreams. Even romantic affairs with Blue Jays MVP Josh Donaldson. Now I'm not going to complain about making out with Josh, but I still woke up thinking "What just happened, and why!?". So if you are anything like me, you'll want to follow these steps to help you Decipher the Messages in your Dreams.

STEP 1: Keep a Dream Journal

Dream Log

A dream diary (or dream journal) is a diary in which dream experiences are recorded. A dream diary might include a record of nightly dreams, personal reflections and waking dream experiences. Dreams fade quickly on awakening so you need to write them down as soon as you wake.

STEP 2: Write or Sketch Everything You Remember

Note the date of your dream and try to write down as much as you can remember, even if it's one word. You can also sketch images or symbols that stood out very clearly in your dream. 

STEP 3: Write down What is Happening in your Life Right Now

What's going on? Are there any major life events happening in your present? What have you been working on or struggling with? Think of anything that comes to mind first and write that down. 

STEP 4: Write a List of Topics/Symbols from your Dream

Start to see if there are themes, topics or symbols in your dream that you can pull out. So if you were swimming, water could be a symbol. Was it sunny? Write down Sun. Were you in love? Write down romance. In my case of Josh Donaldson, my topic was dreaming about famous people. All these elements will help you break down the various meanings in your dream.

STEP 5: Consult a Dream Dictionary

Now take your topics and search them in a Dream Dictionary. As you start to review the messages behind each one you will start to see they tie back to what is happening in your present. They could be messages to validate actions you want to take or not take. They could be messages of encouragement or support through the milestone or event going on. 

As you do these steps each time, you support your connection with your inner self as well as spiritual advisors working with you. You will become your very own dream expert and start to connect with symbols and events and know the messages coming through for you. 

You can use this Dream Dictionary online to start your search: 




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