New/Full Moon Rituals You Can Start Today

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I learned a long time ago that there was something incredible happening during each phase of the moon. I tracked my energy, my moods, what seemed to be going on around me during these times and more important, I learned how to harness this energy and use it to my advantage. There is no sense fighting it, working with the cycles and rhythms of the universe can really keep you in an abundant flow! How nice does that sound?

New moons represent fresh starts and beginnings, while full moons mark turning points, manifestations or closure. So it’s best to initiate a project or plant those seeds at a new moon, and “harvest” or make decisions at the full moon

While it might sound woo-woo, it’s not really that “out there,” if you think about it. Our ancestors planted, hunted, fished and moved by the seasons and cycles of the moon. And they survived long enough to bring us into the industrial and then the digital ages. But in our tech-driven society, it’s so easy to fall out of nature’s rhythms. So here’s how you can tune back in:

How to Create a New/Full Moon Gathering

1. Where should you do the ritual?

It's simple, let the energy guide you. You can choose to do this quietly at home, at a friends, in the kitchen, outside in your yard, on a beach, in the forest, etc etc. You will know where the right spot is just by feeling the energy and listening to your intuition. 

2. Gather your tribe! 

Rally your soul-seeking and self-aware friends or family, but you can always invite that soul-curious person ready to join this path of enlightenment too. You may find in your group you take turns hosting if you have a regular "moon crew", or at times you might find the energy from a particular moon is sacred and you choose to do it alone. But it's always more fun and definitely more powerful with moon buddies.

3. Gather your supplies.

This should be a comfortable, joyful experience—a time to feel good. You’ll definitely want pens and paper for guests to write down their intentions or what they’re releasing. Other things you might keep on hand could be:

  • Matches or candles to burn that which you are letting go
  • Crystals, rocks, shells or other natural artifacts
  • Sage wands (smudge sticks), oils or Palo Santo wood to burn and "Clear" the energy from the space/those in attendance
  • Divination tools - pendulums, Tarot cards, Oracle cards, etc
  • Cloth or blanket to setup your altar
  • Photos of loved ones or cherished objects that can sit on the altar with your wishes for a "moon bath"

4. Create the Atmosphere

Let the spirit of the moon guide you, but I've found it works to play soft music, serve invigorating food, light candles or a fire, and to create an ambience that helps people tune in and be more present. You might sit on floor cushions or go around in a circle and each speak on what you’d like to release/manifest (at the full moon) or begin anew (at the new moon). When weather permits, an outdoor ceremony is great so you can feel tuned into nature—and hopefully even see the full moon! After everyone has made their wishes/written down intentions, it’s great to “break” any heaviness with music or movement. Invite the energy to lead. A new moon circle could inspire a walk, angel card readings or a fun outing. Your full moon gathering could turn into a dance party, a drum circle, a spontaneous swim or who knows - it's a time for rebirth and celebrating your intent and growth. So have fun with it. 

5. Put your wishes someplace sacred.

There is advice all over about what to do with your wishes - some say you should burn them to release them into the heavens, some say you should sleep with them, and others say you should keep them at your altar. Which ever feels most appropriate for you, is what you should do. I personally like to burn my wishes with those that I wish to release. 

How to Set Intentions or Make Wishes

1. Write them down! 

Plain and simple - putting intentions into writing can take them much further. One study even showed that people who wrote down their goals, shared them with others, and maintained accountability for their goals were 33% more likely to achieve them, versus those who just formulated those goals. 

2. Share some of your wishes with your circle.

Having other's hold the space for intentions you set at each moon can add extra power. If sharing is too personal, you can get a deck of oracle cards and have each person draw one, then perhaps share a little something about what the message inspires. 

3. Think in 2 week and 6 month cycles.

There is one new moon each month, followed by a Full Moon 2 weeks later. While they are not in similar zodiac signs, the energy from the new moon actually builds up over that two week period. The cycle basically goes like this:

  • New moon—set the intention & get to work.
  • Reap results or make decisions at the full moon.
  • Finish what you started for two weeks after the full moon. 

After the full moon, we have what is called the "wanning" moon, wrap up those loose ends, and prepare to start something new at the next new moon! And trust me, you will always find something to start with each moon ;) 

Each new moon also has a six-month astrological cycle. So you can set specific intentions at a new moon, based on the energies of that zodiac sign, and watch them unfold in the coming half-year. 

" Moon of finest silver wane - take away bad luck and pain.
As you fade into the night - Bring new hope back in sight. "