Shift Your Energy Using These Quick Tips

We are all energetic beings - made from stars, planets, and the universe. So there are times when we get stuck in a circular pattern. Do you feel like you go about life and then find yourself back at a place you thought you'd moved past from? Or do you keep going in circles? Well things are not likely going to change unless you can shift that energy. Energy is generated in our actions every single day and therefore sometimes that energy lingers. 

When I do readings I can sometimes feel or see the thicker blocks of energy that has lingered in a persons life - the ex relationship that is still attached to your heart, the friendship that stabbed your back, the parent who is on your shoulders. I can see and feel it all and I will often times identify these for the sole purpose of helping someone shift out of that energy or release it. 

These energies will make you feel blah or weighted and again going back into these circular patterns of feeling good then bang hit that energy block again and down you go. It sets you back, you become darker and it's hard to get through some of the more mundane aspects of life. But I have a few key tips you can do to start to effectively change your energy and transform your life.

1. Change your environment

One of the easiest things you can do to transform your energy is to make changes to your environment! Declutter your space, rearrange the furniture, get a new bed spread, have someone come in and do a space clearing and cleansing. If work is causing you the blockage you can make changes here too - choose a different commute pattern, decorate your desk different, listen to a fun audio book and maybe just for a time keep a rewarding treat in your car to enjoy on the way home OR if you commute by other means put that treat in your bag for later. 

We don't realize sometimes, but these small changes create a disconnect in our brain. They start to change our learned behaviour from the old energy that is lingering. Your brain will start to rewire and dissipate the old energy lingering.

2. Change your location

If changes to the environment is not enough, you can change your location. If you feel the big urge to change places, face and jobs entirely that can be a huge energy shift, but if you feel it's too big a "to do", changing location can also mean changing your routine. 

Don't drive straight home - stop at the gym, a coffee shop or friends. By physically changing your location, you open your senses up to new experiences, smells, sights and sounds. Being creatures of habit, we tend to fall into routines that keep us stuck in a cycle that feeds negative energy. By changing things up, you’re forced to create new experiences, meet new people, see new things and, most importantly, get out of your routine!

When you begin to disrupt your mindless routines, you start to open up. Opening up helps you to release old energy and attract new, positive energy.

3. Change your mindset

This is probably the most important of these three suggestions. Changing your mindset from being stuck in negative thoughts to more positive ones (whether you believe it or not) can help make a huge shift in energy. It’s about creating the space and opportunity for new ideas and growth. Growth forces us to release limiting beliefs and try out new ways of thinking, being and processing our world.

Don't allow your thoughts to stop you from trying new things or doing something you thought you couldn't. I tell people all the time, what is that one thing you've always wanted to try? Go do that! Take action towards learning a new way to view, process and work through situations.

ALL of the most transformational changes in my life can be traced back to simple mindset shifts such as positive thinking, forgiveness, compassion, trusting in the universe, listening to my intuition first and taking personal responsibility for everything that manifests in my life. Learning a new way to look at any feeling or situation will immediately transform the energy that surrounds it, and your life.

Now, try to think of an area of your life that could use an energy shift.... try these few things to take action now. You can use one or all of the above and see what happens. 

If you are looking for support, empowerment, or help with shifting your energy you can also book an intuitive reading or reiki energy session. These can also be powerful tools to support everything you are already doing. Allow spiritual guidance to be a tool or resource you can use during life's various milestones. If you want to know how, you can contact me today, Much love.