Making Wishes With The Aries New Moon


Our new moon is the perfect time to plant your seeds, make wishes, and send out to the Universe all the things you hope and dream for. This is not a time to think small, THINK BIG! Very Big and don't be shy about asking for what it is YOU want for a change. New Moons are the most powerful times in our moon cycle to manifest. 

On April 16th will fall under the sign of Aries and is our first New Moon in the 2018 Astrological Year. This is an important moon to be working with and if you choose to not work with new moon energy, try at least to harness this one! 

Aries will be asking you to set realistic goals that promise new beginnings and a fresh start for the year ahead. What commitments can you make to yourself in order to reach these aspirations? The time for positive change in your life is right now. 

So how do you get started? Here are some ways I like to work with the New Moon:

  1. Setup an Altar

    •  Bring in plants like sweetgrass to add more sweetness in your life and sage to help cleans and clear yourself, your space and objects.
    • Add crystals like tigers eye, moonstone, amazonite, and labradorite all of which are great stones to work with to evoke new beginnings and change.
    • Add sacred objects that have some significant importance for you. 
    • Add objects that represent your wishes and or things you want to attract into your life.
    • White candles to help illuminate your dreams and wishes. Red candles to ignite fire and energy. 
  2. Cleanse & Clear

    • Using sage clear yourself, your space and objects
    • Take a few deep breaths after you've cleansed 
  3. Create - Write, Draw & Get Visual With Your Wishes

    • Create a list of the things you want - Get as visual as you can with these things. Use colour, vision boards, stickers, drawings, etc to bring these things to life.
    • When you are done, take a moment to soak in your work, words and vision. Really send intention to each one and allow your imagination to elaborate on each one in your minds eye. 
    • Affirm your wishes by chanting "OM NAMO NARA YANI" which means "I surrender to the Divine Mother."
  4. Affirm & Commit

    • Come up with an affirmation or two that can support your wishes and reinforce the intent behind them. TIP: always start your affirmation statement with "I am..."
    • Write a commitment statement that will backup your affirmation and wishes. What actions can you put into place tomorrow, in a week or in a few months that will bring your wishes to life? 
  5. Meditate to Release

    • Take a few mins after your work to meditate on your work and ask the Universe and your Guides to take them. 
    • Releasing attachment to your wishes allows them to grow - Just like a farmer will plant his seeds and walk away, you too must be like the farmer. 

Affirm your Release by chanting "OM" 

Over the next 14 days as we near the Full Moon cycle, FOCUS on your intention and commitments. Work with your crystals and altar to again focus and affirm what it is you want. Take deliberate steps towards achieving your goals and surrender into the flow of the Universe. What will be will be for your highest and best good. The Divine will create the opportunities and timing needed for you now. Trust and have faith. 

Always remember to release attachment and keep saying to yourself "This or something better now manifests for me."

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Happy New Moon Blessings