Becoming Bear

Many people ask me about the name Spirit Bear Rising, where did the name come from? What does it mean? And so on. I realized that this is a story in itself and one I have not done such a great job of telling. So here goes... 

From very early on I have always been a nurturer, protector, strength, courage, and 'mama bear'. Well before I had my own child, I was mothering those around me but this is not just the only aspect of Bear medicine. Bear is strength, confidence, leadership, healing, solitude, rest, and grounding. 

I didn't identify Bear as being a significant animal totem in my life. Early in my spiritual journey, I would see Hawk, Peregrine and Eagle but they were simply offering perspective, intuitive sight and instinct. It wasn't until I joined a group to journey that I met Bear. 

The drumming began as I laid in circle and completely skeptical that I could even journey, I set the intention to just surrender into whatever would happen. I was met by a Doe who guided me deeper into the underworld. I started to question the whole thing but was reminded to just surrender! So I did. When I arrived deep into the belly of this world we were asked to step face-to-face with our animal and before I could think a massive, ferocious grizzly bear came rearing her head at me!! She stood on her two hind legs towering over me, her arms stretched above her head and she let out this ROAR. And within that moment I felt challenged by her - Will you join or cower she taunted? Will you hide or face me? 

Without even thinking about what I was doing or what was happening, I instinctively jumped up and grabbed her head and pulled her down into my chest in a headlock. It was in that moment I felt the true power of her harnessed within me and we became one entity. She merged into my belly, my heart, my soul and I realized she was me. I was challenging myself to RISE up and be the Bear. I was challenging myself to be seen fully for who I was and as I became one with Bear, I was accepting that challenge. Things could never be the same after that and I felt it. I knew it. 

I had become Spirit Bear Rising - the spirit of bear rising into who I was and what I represented. I was bear medicine, ready to nurture, heal, and be the strength or courage for others in their time of need. Ready to be a leader and face adversity and to face action without fear. It was time to show the world my power and who I truly was. 

What are you stepping into today? What fears are you harnessing so you can Rise? Don't be afraid to become one with it, for in your fears you find your desires 💖