Heal With Me

This is a series of healing circles or sessions. They are by registration only and a private link will be emailed to you in order to join. These circles are focused on a journey to self through meditation, visualization and discovery.

Healing is any combination of work that you choose to do to achieve balance, release, and further alignment of your emotional and spiritual bodies. I have dedicated my path to one of healing and working with various teachers & mentors to expand my knowledge of how to guide people through their own healing journey.

These sessions can include guided meditation or journey work, energy modalities that support chakra alignment and release, plus sound or journalling.

It’s encouraged that you join each session to see your healing journey evolve but it’s your choice as to where your personal healing will start or end. I know that these teachings truly work when you show up for yourself and are ready. It is a process that takes time, practice and patience.


Healings are twice a month. Each session is roughly 1 hour.


Next session is being held on:

Thursday, December 20th at 8:00 pm - Session theme is Animal Spirit Journey ($10)

Please register and pay for your sessions using the link/button below! All are welcome into these circles.