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FB LIVE - Full Blue Moon

oin me on Thursday March 29th to call in the Blue Full Moon energy of March. This will be a Facebook exclusive event - Online on my Spirit Bear Rising page. 

Full Moon March will definitely feel like a "blue" moon. Mercury retrograde will be opposite our moon meaning it will be hard for us to navigate our feelings and even harder to share them. This might bring on feelings of loneliness, sadness or negative thinking. 

The aspects of this moon is going to force us to work harder on the things we want to change. This is a powerful moon ready to support our transitions or stages of growth into new beginnings. This is the perfect moon to support that which we want to manifest. But be careful what you wish for, the forces of energy are strong this time of year and even our negative thoughts could quickly materialize.

Let's take this moment to rejoice in all that we are grateful for, ask ourselves what we can let go of, and honour this beautiful astronomical blue moon vibes!

During this Facebook Live event I will talk about this Full Moon in more detail, provide you with prompts to reflect on or journal about later, and I'll pull cards for those who show up. 

We start at 8:00 pm EST and with FB I'm allowed 90 mins! I like to aim for an hour, but we always go over by a bit so hopefully you can join me ♥