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Lightworkers Gone Rogue - A Live Podcast!

Ever wonder what it's like to be a lightworker? Do you identify as a lightworker? ARe you fucking tired of being told HOW TO BE a lightworker???? 

Well, Nicky & Delia have heard, seen, and experienced quite of bit of outrageousness on their pursuit to spiritual enlightenment. They are by no means claiming to be experts in all the ways of a lightworker, but are definitely tired of being told you have to follow a certain path. 

At some point, don't we all just receive from Spirit? If we feel we are authentically connected and have the best intention, is that not enough? 

These ladies distill it down into the simplest of terms, in the most unconventional ways. Sometimes raw, raunchy and funny, but 100% TRUE, REAL, and hilariously loveable. 

Tune in with Nicky Rivera from Higher Self Healing outta the Garden State, New Jersey and Delia Beadle from Spirit Bear Rising kicking back in the 905, Mississauga as they unravel the complicated truth of becoming a lightworker. 

Maiden Launch goes LIVE on Facebook Wednesday, June 13th at 10 am EST.