Awaken The Elements Fall Retreat 2018


This retreat is not your typical Yoga or RnR weekend retreat. It is the catalyst for growth, expansion and deeper connection to yourself than you will ever experience anywhere else. Nature is powerful. Nature can heal and its in this silence of nature we begin to awaken to the higher self, our spirit guides, and to all the elements.  Awaken the Elements retreat is an exclusive weekend for women or anyone who identifies as a women. Our focus is to design a weekend that would create a sacred space for women to feel safe and empowered as they go deep within and awaken to the connections that are possible. 

At this retreat you will be guided through various activities, rituals, meditations and self reflection that will create more awareness around the things that need your attention, that will empower you to trust your own intuitive abilities, and help you to become more mindful and present. It is your opportunity to release the parts of you that are holding you back and take conscious action towards a more enlightened life. This is your opportunity to be held in a sacred space that is safe and guided by professionals. 

The retreat is being held at Spirit Point Wilderness Academy just north of Huntsville, Ontario (a short distance from Algonquin Park). Spirit Point is located on eight acres of private land with a secluded lake, it offers a rustic blend of country charm and modern comfort, and a lot of spiritual energy. These acres have been blessed by the local First Nations Elders and is a big reason we chose this spot. It is important that we not just honour our selves, but we connect with the spirit energy of the earth and all that surrounds us. 

This retreat is brought to you by a beautiful partnership of dedicated women, who do what they do everyday in order to impact the world around them. Your amazing Retreat Guides for this weekend will be: 

Delia Beadle, Intuitive Spiritual Mentor, Energy Healer & Medium
Ummul Patrawala, Kundalini and Hatha Yoga Teacher
Margie Cook, RHN & Certified Vegan Lifestyle Coach



The reason we chose Autumn, is because it is known that during this time of year the Earth is preparing for her final journey into death and rebirth. It is said the year is "born" at the Winter Solstice, starting the cycle anew. As Autumn sets in, so does the areas of your life - a time to let go, consider what no longer serves you, and what things need to wither. 

This is a significant time for inner reflection and to consider the birth of your dreams early in the year. What seeds did you plant in January? Have they been steadily growing? Is it time to allow those dreams to be harvested? We invite you on this retreat to enjoy all that you have created thus far and to acknowledge all that needs to be released. It is your time to prepare for the Winter Solstice and be born anew and to fully embody your powerful existence. 

We welcome you to join us for a weekend of self-reflection, spirit connection, love, and sisterhood. This is a women's exclusive weekend. A safe place to feel, heal, shed, and to be reborn. 

It's time to Awaken the Elements within, will you join us? 


What's included:

  • Exclusivity of Spirit Point Wilderness Academy
  • Bunkroom accommodations for 2 nights and 3 days
  • Traditional Aboriginal Drumming & Smudge Ceremony
  • Access to on-site amenities such as private lake, canoes, life vest, hiking trails and low ropes course
  • All workshops including* - Kundalini meditations, smudging rituals, Fire Release Ceremony, Vision Board Workshop, Rebirth & Healing Mediation, Spirit Forest Connection, Reiki Energy Healing, Intuitive Spirit Messages/Readings, Tarot/Oracle Card readings
  • All vegan meals, non-alcoholic beverages and snacks the entire weekend

*some workshops and activities are subject to weather, location constraints, timing and the energy of the group once we are in circle. We want to ensure the experience for our guests is safe, enjoyable and empowering. Itinerary and activities are subject to change without notice. We will do our best to keep you informed leading up to this weekend and during. 


Registration is open for up to 30 participants. secure your spot with just a $100 non-refundable deposit. 

We decided that the best way to save on cost was to accept (where possible) payment through eTransfers. Regular retreat ticket is $555 which includes all taxes your itinerary of activities, Aboriginal Drumming/Smudge ceremony, accommodations and professional retreat guides. If paying by PayPal or Credit Card there is a $15 service fee. See below our current registration promotional offers. 

 April Awakeners

April Awakeners

SUMMER PROMOTION - Sign up with a friend and save $55 off your regular ticket price

Sign up today with a friend for just $500, all included. You can lock in this promotion by sending your $100 non-refundable deposit. Final balance is due Sept 21, 2018. 


Pay in full and save $65 off your ticket price

Pay $490 (all included) when you register and pay for your retreat ticket in full. 


PayPal & credit card payment options

We offer options to pay via paypal or credit card. A $15 service fee is applied for payments through this option. For credit card, please email us at asking for an invoice and we will send you details on how to make payment. For PayPal option, please use this direct link for payment here: 

About the location:

The location for our October retreat will be held at Spirit Point Wilderness Academy and Camp (click here to learn more). 

Spirit Point is located in the Northwest corner of Algonquin Park, 3 hours from Toronto and 4 hours from Ottawa. Nestled on eight acres of private land with a secluded lake, Spirit Point offers a rustic blend of country charm and modern comfort. They offer Aboriginal awareness training and are closely connected to the First Nations people who reside nearby. 

Spirit Point features outdoor common areas with decks that overlook the majestic Hinsburger Lake. A huge boulder fire pit complements the courtyard area and illuminates the century old white pines and cedars along the shoreline at night. The main lodge is fully furnished, comfortable common area with a fireplace, kitchen, dining room and three bathrooms. The back porch features a breath taking view of Bear Mountain and an elevated deck ensures you get the best view of this natural ecosystem. The Recreation Hall is a great place to unwind during free time or at the end of the day. It features a pool table, cards, fireplace and cozy ambience to kick back and enjoy conversation with new friends. 


Mink Lake Road, Trout Creek, ON