Soul mentorship & intuitive guidance


Are you ready to make incredible shifts in your life? Are you ready to remove the blocks, self-limiting beliefs, and change everything you thought about yourself?

Are you ready to do this in just 4 sessions? 


Then it's time to book your one-on-one Soul Awakening Mentorship session. 

In these sessions I use any combination of the following modalities to support your healing and transformation:

  • Reiki Therapy

  • Crystal Healing

  • Integrated Wellness Coaching

  • Intuitive Spirit Connection

  • Sacred Medicine Teachings

  • Cleansing & Clearing Rituals

  • Animal Medicine Readings


I help guide you towards optimal well-being.

I help empower you to shift towards a happier life free of self-limiting beliefs.

I will help you build up your tool kit for self-care & ritual practices.



Soul Mentorship sessions are highly intuitive and effective healing for optimal well-being. I do not HEAL you, I support YOUR healing journey. We look at what is blocking you from moving forward and take measurable action towards addressing them. We look at intuitive connection to your mind, body and high-self so that you can get more CLEAR on what your soul wants you to see, hear, or feel. We use source energy to support accelerated healing, to raise your vibration and frequency and to connect you more deeply to the energy and power of our Mother Earth. You will receive guidance with actionable tools you can use to:

Shift the energy

Remove your blocks

build your tool kit

deeper connection to self

soul awakening


It's your time now to be the best you that you envision. Feel lighter, happier, empowered, and more clear than ever before. These sessions are proven to help you discover your soul's purpose, shift your vibration, or simply decipher the messages from the Universe. Each session we do together brings you closer to your desires and optimal well-being. 

I integrate my teachings in Energy Therapy (Reiki), Divination & Esoterics (specialized knowledge of the occult and divination tools), Studies in Integrated Wellness & Therapeutic Coaching, as well as Spiritual Guidance. 

Whether you are ready to make BIG changes in your life or looking for support in building a spiritual practice, these sessions are designed to support you each step of the way. 

Get on the path to living a life with more purpose!


Fall transformation

Book 4 sessions today and save $25 off the Regular $500 investment. What this includes is a one(1) hour consultation and three (3) one hour and thirty minute sessions. That is 5.5 hours of soul food goodness for only $475!!

Please contact me through my contact form to schedule your appointment. If you want in-person sessions those can be arranged but a travel fee of $25 may apply. 

What are people saying about their Soul Mentorship Sessions...

"Delia's gifts, compassion, honesty and kindness are a true inspiration.  I am grateful to have met and worked with this woman as her guidance has been truly life changing.  The understanding, patience, knowledge and wisdom she has is something that is hard to find.  There is no doubt that Delia has a special connection to a higher power and I am thankful for the guidance she gives."

Emily C.


" The soul sessions were great! I always felt hopeful and encouraged after each session. I was really impressed with the after session email write ups and how they were presented. I really liked the “homework” points to work on, and still reference it regularly. I do know that I felt quite elated after each call, and was so excited for what was to come next. "

Desiree D.


" Your follow up emails were thorough with references directly imbedded which was fantastic. I will be spending time reviewing all of the very rich materials for weeks and likely months to come. They were incredibly valuable. Coming into these sessions I felt like I was floating through my life - in both business and personal spiritual practice. I had no real grip on how to grow myself or my business goals. I knew what I wanted to achieve but no idea how to break it down into steps that I could make happen. Through our sessions I was able to form achievable goals while developing myself personally to feel strong enough to embrace those goals. "

Katie H.


" I have spent many years of not being able to turn my mind off when I would go to sleep. I can not begin to tell you the relief I feel actually being able to fall asleep calmly and peacefully. The reason that I am able to do this is because you introduced me to the chakra meditation. I never knew what this was. Over the years I tried to do meditations but was never able to stay focused on nothing and my mind would just race with a jumble of thoughts. Since trying this guided meditations, I have been able to turn my mind off and actually relax. This has been the most valuable tool that you have given me. I feel so blessed! I really felt a deep kindness from you. I loved that you messaged me outside of our sessions just to see how I was doing. It truly was very healing. I feel so blessed that you took the time to follow up with me. I know you are busy with your soul mentor-ship with others as well as your own life, family and work. In all, I feel I came out of these sessions with a better understanding on how to listen to myself. It was absolutely empowering to be able to turn off my mind and just feel peace. "

Laura g.

* Please ensure you have read the Terms & Conditions prior to booking your session. Soul Mentorship Sessions are designed to support your journey spiritually and should not be replaced by advice provided from a licensed physician. If I feel at any time during our sessions that someone from the medical community should be consulted, I will make that recommendation and it will be up to my discretion to end any sessions booked for future dates. If in the case, I deem it is best you seek support from the medical community any future sessions paid for will be refunded to you 100%. Sessions which have already occurred are not refundable.  I am here to support your soul, help to raise your vibration, help to adjust your belief system, but by no means will I make any medical or psycheatric claims or recommendations. If this is what you seek, these sessions are not designed for you

Use the contact form to send me any questions you might have. Soul Mentorship Sessions can be in person or distance (via phone). Cost of the session does not change whether it is done in person or over the phone. Please note that in order to secure your session, all fees must be paid in full at the time of booking. Refunds will not be given after a soul session. If you do have a change of mind, you can contact me 48 hours prior to your scheduled session to request a refund. Requests for a refund are subject to a $50 cancellation fee. There will be no refunds or price adjustments once you have paid for a session and we decide to run a promotion or discount session prices.